Feast of Our Lady of Ostra Brama: November 16

The link above gives history and includes the thoughts of Pope John Paul II as well as St. Faustina's description of the miraculous connection between her visions of the The Divine Mercy and her vision of Our Lady of Ostra Brama.

St. Teresa of Jesus: Carmelite Solemnity, October 15

St. Theresa of Jesus
Euorpean postcard

Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, Feast: October 7

Our Lady of the Holy Rosary
Each Pater is a diamond, each Ave a flower added to the crown we offer to Mary.
Bouasse Lebel 112B

St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face: Solemnity, Oct.1

Portrait by her sister Celine (Sr. Genevieve)
commissioned in 1907
postcard from the  Carmelite Monastery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Nativity of the Blessed Virgin: Solemnity, September 8

Exaltation of the Holy Cross
The children of Mary are above all and forever
the children of the Cross.

Blessed Mary of Jesus Crucified (The Little Arab): Memorial, August 25

Blessed Mary of Jesus Crucified (The Little Arab)

Blessed Mary of Jesus Crucified died on the 26 of August 1878, which happens to be the feast of the Transverberation of the heart of St. Teresa of Jesus, which in turn explains why Blessed Mary's feast day is celebrated on the 25 of August. 

Sts Joachim and Anne, parents of Virgin Mary and protectors of the Carmelite Order: Memorial, July 26

St. Joachim and St. Anne
parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary


Jesus, Mary, Anna

 Let us praise Joachim glorious in his generation.

Jesus, Mary, Anna
old Flemish engraving

 St. Anne, Mother of the Mother of God

St. Anne (artist may be Leiber)

Mother of Divine Grace: Feast Day, July 23

Mother of Divine Grace 
( Our Lady of the Bowed Head )
Vienna, Austria

St. Simon Stock: May 16, Memorial

St. Simon Stock
How advantageous it is, to have as our own Mother
 the Mother of God! ~ St. Teresa

The Annunciation: March 25, Solemnity

I am the servant of the Lord. 
Bouasse Lebel 794
 Annunciation Album

St. Peter Thomas. Feastday: January 25

Saint Peter-Thomas, Patriarch of Constantinople
Blessed are the lives of those who are consumed in the service of Holy Church! 
~ St. Teresa of Jesus 
St. Peter Thomas was inspired by an intense desire to promote peace and Christian unity.  
Quoting from the web site below, "His life may be summarized in three words: 
Mary, Union of the Greeks, and Jerusalem."

Mary Mother of God: Solemnity, January 1

Holy Mother of God
O Virgin
who the King of Glory deigned to choose for His palace, 
Ark [of the New Covenant], Altar of Propitiation where Heaven gave us Peace.
Mon. Bouasse Lebel 
Mary Mother of God Album

Infant of Prague. Second Sunday after Epiphany

 Infant of Prague celebrated 2nd Sunday after Epiphany
Infant of Prague Album

Nativity of the Our Lord: Solemnity, December 25

engraver, MARTIN ENGELBRECHT (Augsburg 1684-1756)
Original engraving circa 1700

St. John of the Cross: Carmelite Solemnity, December 14

St. John of the Cross: Carmelite Solemnity, December 14

Images of St. John of the Cross   Writings     Quotations

"What we need most in order to make progress is to be silent before this great God with our appetite and with our tongue, for the language he best hears is silent love."
~St John of the Cross, OCD

The Immaculate Conception: Solemnity, December 8

Immaculate Mary
For additional images that celebrate this great Mystery please see:

St. Raphael Kolinowski of St. Joseph: Memorial, November 19

St. Raphael Kolinowski of St. Joseph: Memorial, November 19th 

 Our Lady of the Gate of Dawn
Venerated by both Roman Catholic and Orthodox Christians
this is our old framed print of the miraculous image

All Souls of the Carmelite Order: November 15, Commemeration

To love... to suffer... to die... in union with Mary.
"On this day the Order remembers in prayer, and confides to the loving mercy of God,
all the members of the Carmelite Family who have died." 

All Carmelite Saints: November 14, Feast Day

Text beneath engraving:"My heart aspires to nothing except to see God in His glory."
"On this day the Carmelite Family celebrates the memory of all its holy men and women, those known and those unknown, those living on Earth and those living in Heaven, who reflect the glory of God." 

Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity: Memorial, November 8

Bl. Elizabeth of the Trinity - daily quotations

The Trinity, here is our dwelling, our home,
the Father's house which we will never leave.

 "I was thinking of Him when this was taken,
so it will bring Him to you." Bl. Elizabeth of the Trinity